The Edge of Autism began as a blog about my journey with a child on the autism spectrum who had many health issues. Over the years I’ve written about our ups and downs addressing health issues due to exposure to toxic metals. Over the years my experience led me to help others in the same situation and I plan to continue to do that.

I was very blessed to find some really great people when we began who understood metal poisoning. The most beloved and most missed is Dr. Andy Cutler who mentored me over the years on all things mercury.  It has been several years since his passing and he is still greatly missed by his community but his teachings carry on. The protocol he used to address his own mercury toxicity really made a difference for my family including my autistic child and much of the results we saw are detailed on this blog.

This blog serves as an archive for hundreds of posts dating back to 2006 when we began this journey.  After years of maintaining this site and cataloging our endeavors, I feel it’s time to focus on new projects. If we have any new updates about my son I will post them here but I will also be writing articles about mercury and detox on my new site.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com

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