Frequent Low Dose Chelation (Andy Cutler chelation)

So what is this “frequent dose chelation” thing you keep reading about? Well….essentially it’s what it sounds like….frequent……giving doses…..of chelator.

We do this to maintain a steady blood level of chelator for a specific period of time so that we lower the body burden of mercury. This way when you do stop the chelators, there isn’t much left to be redistributed or pushed back into the brain. We don’t want it going back into the brain!

Following this slow and low method has proven to avoid regressions or any permanent problems that have been reported with high dose, infrequent dose or IV chelation methods. It’s the timing that’s really the important factor.

The protocol is fully outline in “Fight Autism and Win: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work!” book which also includes the rest of what you need to do the help heal the damage to the body that mercury causes.

Since I fully remember the financial strains of having a sick child, this protocol is also available for free in many locations including my Yahoo forum or Facebook Group.

There is also a great primer for Andy Cutler chelation.

Our Autism Organized website also includes some symptom trouble shooting lists, tips and tricks for the protocol.


Round 198 update

We just completed round 198. His dose is up to 75mg of ALA which is 1/2 mg per pound for his weight. He’s 15 now and it’s hard to believe that detox has taken us this long. Initially the time estimate was 3 years which would have been 156 rounds at 52 rounds a year. In reality we were never able to do one round every single week all year. His hair test at the 150 round mark was still pretty toxic so 150 rounds wouldn’t have done it anyway.

This past round was a bit rough for us. Rather ironic since we haven’t seen much from rounds in a few years. Nothing terrible but just little things that indicate mercury is still an issue. He he did report having a headache off and on. He was more tired as well and said he didn’t sleep well. He has issues with sleeping anyway and we were working on that with getting his thyroid medication adjusted. I increased his vitamin C and magnesium and it helped tremendously. So no more headaches. I found this round difficult because of the current status of my adrenal fatigue. I just go my labs back which confirms how I’ve been feeling so the night wakings to give doses really wore me out. Hopefully the adjustments to my adrenal support will help that.

It’s just the nature of the process that some rounds will be fantastic, and some will be harder. We’ve had more than one period of time chelating that mimicked a stall period even this far into things.  It probably isn’t the same stall period referred to in Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD but it’s a period of months where rounds seem to do nothing. Then suddenly, one day you do a round and symptoms! That confirms that indeed it is still doing something. I’ve had several periods like this lasting at long as a year.

We are approaching 200 rounds, albeit much slower than I thought it would take us to get there but we plan to hair test a few months after reaching that. Subsequent hair testing isn’t necessary but it’s something I began doing in the beginning for curiosity. It lets me know if he still meets counting rules or not. When the test does, it gives me further motivation that the job isn’t done and I need to continue.

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a condition that is more common than most people think. It’s isn’t  diagnosed often because it is not Addison’s Disease which is adrenal failure. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about adrenal fatigue because I was diagnosed with it by my functional MD after suffering for years with symptoms.

Prior to diagnosis I had begun learning about it because it is such a common facet of having mercury poisoning that both my children also have it. It was rampant on the forums and it was being missed by many practitioners. That’s easy to understand when it’s not something most people, even doctors know a lot about. It seems to be a modern ailment attributed to our toxic environments and stressful modern lives.

Certainly I didn’t know anything about it either until I began researching it. When I did was surprised how many symptoms it causes and how many health conditions are linked to having poor adrenal function.

I also learned how to naturally treat it which alleviates symptoms while you work on other health issues like getting that mercury out safely. (Andy Cutler chelation)

Most children and many adults with mercury toxicity have low cortisol and suffer from adrenaline related symptoms like high histamine/allergies, anxiety attacks, shortness of breath, asthma like symptoms, and panic attacks. They may also suffer from insomnia, or wake up at night sweating with their heart pounding.

Adrenal function is almost always taxed in anyone with a low thyroid, and this becomes more evident when they start thyroid medications. The symptoms they experience make them think they can’t tolerate thyroid medication but really, it’s their adrenals that need help.

Basically, life is just miserable for all involved. Having a child that melts down over nothing, is sensitive to everything just isn’t fun for anyone including the child.

My son was sensitive to light, sound, touch, taste, smell. He was prone to anxiety that would cause him to hide in a stressful situation. We called this “turtle mode” because he would just crawl under a blanket and hide. Other times we would see him completely freaked out before bed and he would not know what was wrong. He would not eat in the morning. He was either “queasy” as he said it, or simply said he didn’t feel hungry. This would go on until lunchtime and I would have to give him a bit of something sweet to alleviate the nausea enough so he could eat. I later learned what was really going on was that he was sick to his stomach in the morning.

Like all those mornings when I was in my 20’s driving to college or work with my head sticking out of the car window while driving to ward off the overwhelming urge to vomit. That was every morning. I woke up sick, every morning…. for years simply because my adrenals had tanked and no doctor I had seen recognized that.

I figured out a few months into starting chelation that both of my kids had bad adrenals, just like I did by symptoms and charting body temperatures.

We began adrenal cortex extract glandular, or “ACE” as it’s called on the forums.

Wow! Tantrums gone, no bedtime panic and he was hungry in the mornings!

I also used Bach’s Rescue Remedy for acute symptoms like that bedtime panic attack. I learned to keep this in my purse because it also soothed sensory meltdowns that would happen in noisy public places. Our primary intervention for this problem is adrenal cortex extract glandular. What adrenal cortex glandular does is provide nutrients for your own adrenal glands so they can rebuild. This improves their functioning.

My son has had several lengthy periods in our chelation journey where he was off of ACE for months and did not have any symptoms return. But unfortunately we have not been able to stay off ACE yet. He was doing well on one 350mg capsule in the morning until he entered puberty and his low thyroid status became glaring prominent.

He really seemed to be regressing slightly, his sleep was a wreck, he was tired during the day but all in all what had happened was chaos in the endocrine system with puberty. He began to need thyroid medication and more adrenal support. It took some time to get things balanced out but once you get enough thyroid medication, the need for adrenal cortex glandular is reduced but usually still needed.

Many are often afraid to use this glandular thinking it will somehow affect hormones or that it contains hormones but it is not the same as taking hydrocortisone or prednisone. I’ve often seen articles on doctors websites warning about the use of ACE and talking about it like it’s hydrocortisone. I think the key to understand is that glandular is freeze-dried animal gland, similar to eating meat. Cultures have eaten organ and gland meats for many centuries knowing they nourished the body and helped provide nutrients to rebuild and strengthened our own bodies. This is what ACE does.

I’ve found it rare to be able to skip using ACE and still effectively support adrenal fatigue in most people/children. It’s been my experience that adaptogenic herbs simply don’t work the same in everyone. They help some, but they don’t target the adrenals specifically and sometimes they cause side effects instead of alleviating the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. There are a few other support options but if they don’t cut it, ACE really should be considered. (B5, B6, vitamin C, cordyceps, rhodiola)