I thought I’d share an excerpt from our recovery journal on what our first 10 rounds were like. We treated our family for heavy metals after testing revealed toxic levels. We chose to use Andy Cutler’s protocol because of it’s low safe dosing. It just so happens that one of my kids that was metal toxic was diagnosed with autism. Here is what my journal noted at that time:

Supplements we had started:

  • multivitamin
  • probiotic
  • anti-fungal GSE
  • molybedenum
  • milk thistle
  • vitamin C
  • magensium
  • vitamin E
  • zinc

Pre-chelation preparation:

We were still battling constipation and yeast so our next step was a natural anti-fungal (GSE). The month prior to starting chelation we were working on getting my son to accept any supplements at all. He had oral sensory defensiveness to foods and supplements. He freaked out at the sight of a medicine syringe. The reason for this is unknown because he really had no previous experience with using one.  He  hated anything in his mouth and gagged on everything or he’d vomit it up.

The idea of putting him on a long list of supplements was intimidating. I had no idea how I was going to get him to take all this stuff let alone take chelators in the middle of the night.

I decided one day to start playing a game with him using the medicine syringes. I let him fill them with water and squirt it in the sink.  This slowly moved to my squirting water into my mouth to drink and laughing. Later he was comfortable squirting the water in his own mouth. Eventually he let me squirt water into his mouth in very tiny amounts. Eventually water became juice and he happily took turns squirting it into my mouth and me into his. It was a game now.

My son only drank water or juice.  He would not drink milk or anything else. We were very limited in what we could put supplements or chelators in because water and juice were all he would accept in a cup.

We continued to battle constipation off an on and it did affect his behavior. He had tantrums, didn’t listen, was irritable and very hyperactive. We had to use senna laxative at one point when he had not had a BM in 2 days.

We started zinc after his hair test came back. He had PICA so he mouthed and licked everything including door knobs. Zinc stopped that.

During April and May 2006 I was working on adding one supplement at a time from the long list of supplements that used to be recommended for frequent low dose chelation.

My son had a rash on his bottom and constipation that fluctuated. Sometimes it responded to increases in probiotics.  He mostly ate starchy foods and I later learned this was a sign of yeast.

By May 14, 2006 we were on the all the supplements except molybdenum and we had began grapefruit seed extract.  Those initial die-off response was crazy. My son was smashing himself under the bed sheets for sensory input. He was banging on everything and didn’t listen at all to anything you said.  His eye contact was off but his stools were improving. He was averse to touch and he wasn’t asking us for his normal sensory input squeezes. He was brushing away touches but his constipation was going away.

We were set to start DMSA/ALA every 3 hours for 64 hours. I also put him on milk thistle.

Round 1: May 18, 2006 we did our first round. We began with 10mg of DMSA/ALA.  By his second dose he was fussy and began hitting me and yelling over everything. By afternoon he was a different child. He was happy, playful and cooperative. Complete turn around from what he was that morning.

We did have a hard time getting him to take his night doses, so that second day on round I made him a social story book about the chelation and the night doses. It showed mommy coming into this room at night to give him a squirt from the medicine syringe. It also showed mom giving the juice in the day time.  I had hoped this would help him understand what was going on at night.

He cried and screamed and tried to refuse the dose but we did get him to take them by being persistent. The following day he was amazing! He was so playful, even silly and humorous in his play. He finally had a normal but foul-smelling stool.

He was communicating better and seemed to understand us better.

My chelation journal said: “He’s been like a regular 3-year-old!

“I have seen no adverse reactions, just huge improvements. It’s like a fog has been lifted and he can come out now!”

We did round two the next week. My son did lose some of the initial positives by the time he was due for round two. He was great for a few days post round but then gradually slid back with fussiness, tantrums and hyperactivity. We were ready for round two to bring him back again.

Round 2 brought constipation and yeast but we increased the antifungal. This round was 4 days long instead of 3. He was so much better on the chelators than off.  On round two I noted that he was playing more and he was pretending. He was communicating better with us instead of screaming when he wanted things or pointing. He was trying to dress himself and he was more cooperative. I did bribe him with a gummy fish when he took his doses even at night and this helped him comply because he was very difficult at night initially. The gains were worth it.

On June 8th, I had written that he was dressing himself in the morning and peeing on the potty during the day without anyone telling him to do so. We had spent over a year trying to toilet train him and he was partially trained until he regressed at age 2 1/2. To this day I have not figured out what triggered that regression. He was using the toilet in just 2 rounds.  Before chelation he screamed like he was dying if you put him on the potty.

Round 3 was not so pleasant. He was irritable and uncooperative but his imagination was finally developing.  The later half of June was a bit rough with fussiness and defiant behavior off and on which I  learned was due to yeast. We needed to use GSE daily not just for rounds. He did keep his gains for toileting and he learned to button his shirts by himself on June 23rd when he yelled ” I did it!” from the backseat of the car.

Round 4 my son started off cranky. He was hitting me when he got upset and he felt warm to me. His body temperature was 99 degrees F but he had no signs of illness. I did notice that he had begun to get bruises on his shins from nothing so I suspected he was not getting enough vitamin C. I increased his vitamin C from 400mg to 1800mg temporarily and the bruising was gone within a day.

Round 5 we increased his dose from 10mg to 12.5mg of DMSA/ALA but he was very fussy and defiant.  He was refusing his supplements and I began giving GSE with his chelator doses to combat the yeast. He had two large watery stools and his mood improved.  I began offering water after he each chelator dose because I suspected the ALA was making his mouth sore and he finally began taking sips of his vitamins again.

After round five his attention span seemed better. When yeast flared up he would trash the house and revert back to behaving like a two-year old. He would get into the cupboards and make messes everywhere.  He was starting to sing more. He was singing nursery songs like “twinkle twinkle little star” and he was happier than he’d been in a long time.

During this time we were preparing for his preschool evaluation for early intervention services. I had applies months before and the wait for an appointment was 3 months. By the time we were seen my son had improved enough that he didn’t reflect the paperwork I had filled out anymore.

Round 6 he was hyper and impulsive but happy. He talked almost non-stop and he moved non-stop.

Round 7 he stopped howling and crying if the wind blew on his face. Instead he liked it.  He dipped his fries in ketchup for the first time ever. However, he was kicking, hitting and using bad language when he got upset.  He resorted to calling us “idiots” if he was mad.  We missed two weeks due to a cold with fever. During these two weeks my son was hitting, scratching, and trantruming a lot. It was so bad it was creating marital conflict about whether or not I was coddling my son too much and not disciplining him enough. I suspected it was yeast and I increase his grapefruit seed extract. The behaviors began to go away. It was at this point my own health began to get worse because I had just had my amalgams out 3 months ago.

Round 8 We were all chelating now. I took my son to a heavy equipment show. He used to be afraid of fork lifts, but he climbed right on one that day! He also sat on the potty and tried to make a bowel movement.

Round 9 my son had a BM on the toilet NOT in a diaper and of his own choosing. He was out of diapers during the day. He was asking questions about everything. He took the play dough that used to make him gag when he touched it and made dough “vegetables” in the living room in August 2006.

He was having trouble falling asleep at night and I added a tiny bit of melatonin. He was back to taking his clothes off at home and refusing to wear them but this improved when I increased the GSE. I began using Echinacea with zinc and extra vitamin C post to support his immune system for the runny noses he was getting at the end of the rounds.

Round 10 I noted he was doing so well that he problem solved one day. When I could not take him to his coveted go-kart track because we didn’t have the money he was upset at first. Then he suggested we go to the playground because that was free. Normally he would have just flipped out for an hour about the go-karts.

Round ten brought BM’s on the potty and wearing clothing again.  His sensory to clothing fluctuated off an on and often improved on rounds.

We chose to do chelation because my autistic child tested high for several heavy metals. He was diagnosed with toxic effects of metals-unspecified and toxic effects of lead.

His response to his first ten rounds of chelation confirmed that metals were affecting his health.

This was just the beginning for us.