I just finished round 32 for my son and round 20 for my older child and I’ve decided to blog or journey.
The older NT child has a harder time, just like I do with chelation. My son has done wonderfully.

I wanted to share a gain! I got out of the shower this morning and found my 5 yr old cleaning his room. Yep..that never happens without some yelling, crying, refusing and help doing it.

I went in to see what he was doing and he had taken out all his play dishes and was stacking them nicely in the play kitchen. Usually he rams them all in and shuts the door. He said “Look Mommy, I am organizing my toys, I want to get my room all nice and organized”. Huh??

Who is this kid?” is what I am thinking. Is this a good thing or a side effect?   I went to tell my older child what her brother was doing because it is a monumental miracle. As I walk into her room and begin to tell her, I look around and notice and odd situation that mimics what is going on downstairs. Her room is not strewn with clothes and dirty cups. The bed is actually made and is not piled high with junk. She is cleaning and dusting her dresser.  Just as I start to tell her and notice all this, never mind I say. I see you have the same “side effect” and we laugh about it.

Do heavy metals cause messiness? I don’t know but in my house I would say so. I spent the weekend on my round cleaning up the house, go figure?