We just finished round 32 for my kid. (round 20 for my older NT kid)
The older NT child has a harder time just like I’ve had with it. My son has done wonderfully though.

I wanted to share a gain! I got out of the shower this morning and found my 5 yr old cleaning his room. That never happens without some yelling, crying, refusing and he always needs help managing this task.

I went in to see what he was doing and he had taken out all his play dishes and was stacking them nicely in the play kitchen. Usually he rams them all in and shuts the door. He said “Look Mommy, I am organizing my toys, I want to get my room all nice and organized”.  Yes my autistic child is verbal. I forgot to mention that. He is never reached a point of not being verbal but his development of speech was not typical either. He pointed and grunted a lot. He made noises and he used a lot of made up words.  Several years and some speech therapy later, he can talk well.

I was happy to see him happy as he worked his way through his play kitchen setting it up in an orderly fashion. I decided to tell his older sibling what was going on. Boy was I surprised to see that child also cleaning up their bedroom. Normally it’s strewn with dirty cups, clothing on the floor and stuff piled high on the bed.

Nope, clean.  We both laughed at this on-round phenomenon known as cleaning.  It sure feels good when you start feeling better and can manage normal daily tasks.