Reflections from Mom

Chelation and biomedical is really more than a treatment, it’s a lifestyle. You would not believe how many supplements I have in my kitchen. Most people have food in their cupboards…I have vitamins. No one really relates to this but other mom’s of children like mine. Its’ a secret we all have, and when were together we compare who has the largest stack of vitamins or the most cabinets full of them. Sometimes it’s sad to think that, but it’s how we live. Measuring out the supplements your child needs for breakfast, lunch, then dinner and before bed, and trying not to forget any one of them. It’s time-consuming and expensive…but it’s what your child needs to function and feel better until treatment is done. Those of “regular” children really have no idea the secret lives we live. Visiting specialist, worrying over where the next exposure might come from. It’s what we have to do to survive. It’s what we do to save our babies, so that they may live a normal adulthood.

I don’t regret it, I’m not complaining. It’s what I have to do. I can’t help that I look jealously at those who have “normal” kids. Who have never known what I go through in a day? For example: Moms whose kids eat any food, who wear clothes without a fight, or moms whose kids don’t cry and howl when you take a different road to get to the store, or when the waitress brings water in the wrong cup.

There are so many things you learn to accept and adjust to, that parents with “normal” kids don’t have too. It’s almost time for me to make afternoon supplements….but if I don’t…I’ll regret it later when I have a hyper uncontrollable child. It’s what I have to do to get him through. I know that someday it won’t be this way. I know that someday he’ll be well, and this treatment will be done. And someday…I can have my cupboards back…for dishes and food. When that day comes, I will know I have my son back too.


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