Time for rounds, A day in my life preparing for chelation

It’s time to begin another round weekend. What does this mean? It means no sleep for me. It means dispensing medications every three hours all day, all night for three days straight. In addition to the supplements we give four times a day. It means one more list taped to the kitchen cupboard so I don’t forget the times to give it.

As I sit here this morning, I had planned to do so much today. But then as I looked at the calendar…I remembered…it’s dub weekend. That is what my son calls this. He actually asks to do rounds. Why would a child ask? Likely because it makes him feel better, and he knows it. So when he’s not feeling well, or out of sorts…he asks. “Mom is it time for dubs yet? “I really need it”. Amazing how perceptive children are. How at age 5 he has realized that this treatment makes him feel better. We do see the changes when he’s on it. He’s calmer, he’s happy, he focuses better. So as I cancel out whatever it was I was going to do today, I sit down at the table with all my equipment. (The stuff I need to measure the doses, and get it all ready)

I have a plate, his bottle of DMSA, his bottle of ALA, vitamin c powder, grapefruit seed powder, and a bunch of empty capsules. Sadly they don’t sell this stuff in tiny little guy doses, so most of us biomed mom’s spend time compounding it. Dividing up the contents of each capsule, to get the tiny doses we need. Some days I feel like a chemist, or a pharmacist. Other days I am reminded that compounding pharmacists do this all the time. But…I am not a pharmacist. I’m just a mom with a sick little boy.

So I sit, and mindlessly dividing the powder from the capsules into his dosage. I have done this so many times, that thankfully I have gotten proficient at it. It still takes an hour to measure up all the doses we need (for three people). But it saves me from having to measure every single dose before I give it. Who wants to divide up tiny capsules full of powder at 3am? I don’t. I can barely drag myself out of bed to give it, let alone measure it.

Thankfully, he no longer wakes up for his nighttime doses. He sits up on command, and eats it, slugs down some water and hits the pillow. He never remembers me giving it at night. I do though. It takes me time to fall asleep again. So I will have to stay up till midnight tonight, get up at 4am, hopefully fall asleep by 5am…and then up at 8am. I will have to do this all weekend, a few times a month, sometimes weekly. Three and 1/2 hours of sleep, then another 3 hours of sleep. That’s a combined 6 1/2 hours, but you woke in the middle of it. Yes, I’m tired just thinking about it.

It’s like on dub weekend, having a newborn to feed all over again. Many people complain that they could never do what I do, so they can detox their child. I understand completely, I do. I feel the exhaustion. I have been doing this for TWO years. Slow and steady. But I think of it this way: If my son needed to be fed in the middle of the night, as he did as an infant, would I not get up because I am tired and don’t want too? Of course not. You get up, tired and cranky and feed your baby. No one likes it, but you do it. Well, my son needs this medicine to get better, so I must do it. I can sleep when he’s grown! Or maybe not.

So onto another “dub weekend”. I think I’ll need a nap or two. We just received the results of his follow-up hair test. He is excreting a lot of Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic, Antimony, Silver, Tin and other metals just as his tests has shown all along. We seem to have finally begun to pull more lead. This means we have hit deep storage. So we can’t stop now. He has come a long way since we started this. And while I wish it were over…..I know it’s what I have to do for him to make a complete recovery and insure his future health. He still meets rules for mercury, so I know we are not done. We have a way to go, at least a year…maybe two.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix or short-term solution to removing 3 + years of heavy metal exposure from a child. At least not without risk….some people do it this way. I can’t chance my son just to save time. So slow and steady we must.

*(Update 2017: you can actually buy lower dose ALA pre-measured now, it just costs more. Everything Spectrum


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