Hair test number three, we have hit “lead dirt”

We did my son’s first hair test in 2006; this is when we confirmed my suspicions. Every year on the anniversary of when we began biomedical treatment, we do another test. Each year it’s the anticipation of “will this one be the normal one?”, “are we close to done with chelation yet?ā€

So while it’s like Christmas in April for us. I send out the snipping of hair and wait patiently for that email from the lab.

This year I got my email. While not a perfect, nice and healthy, no more metals test…which I wanted to see, but deep down I knew it was too soon, never the was a test. Now follow-up hair testing once chelation has begun does not really show what’s in his body, but what’s coming out of it. My son is dumping a lot of aluminum, arsenic (tons), antimony (tons of this), Lead (tons of this too), silver, nickel, tin (tons of this), and new to this test, thallium and thorium. Who knew those were in his body too?? Glad they are coming out.
What was surprising, but I was told this would happen was that at about the 2 year mark, you begin to pull lead storage and they starting dumping like crazy. This rings true on our tests.
This is good….it means we are probably half way there, maybe a bit more. So we are celebrating…YAY!

We have hit pay-dirt as they say or well…err… uh…… “Lead-dirt” in this case.

I still cannot believe how much Lead has come out of this kid…I anticipate the day when I get a hair test where the metals are all in the green normal range. Not yellow/red, holy cow your poisoned ranged. I am told mercury follows the Lead storage…can’t wait. It’s hard to believe he accumulated so much metal in only his tiny three years on Earth. Boy what must my body look like??

So while I get so very tired of “dub weekend”. I know its working. My child’s bones will be made of calcium not lead!



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