Every year on the anniversary of when we began chelation we do another test. This is not necessary but I do it because I need to see when we get a normal hair test.  I realize that the metals we will see on these follow-up results are excretion and not new exposure but I want to see them return to normal levels.  In our particular case Dr. Cutler had suggested I re-test to make sure his Lead came down.

On this test my son is dumping a lot of aluminum, arsenic, antimony, Lead, silver, nickel, tin. New to this test are thallium and thorium.

Who knew those were in his body.  Glad they are coming out.

I was told that about two years into chelating the body would start dumping lots of metals.  This test seems to say that.

I still cannot believe how much Lead has come out of this kid when no significant sources were identified in the home. They can pick up lead maternally though before birth and through some of their toys if painted with lead paint. We did find a few wooden trains that fit that bill and those were thrown away before chelation began.