In the summer months we do rounds weekly. This is the time of year the kids are out of school so it’s easier to get them done.  We just reached 42 rounds and my son is wearing clothing! HELLO!   I know that doesn’t sound like much to those with neurotypical children but for children on the autism spectrum it’s big.  My son would not wear clothes because his tactile defensiveness was so bad clothing hurt.

What’s happening now is he is also dressing himself in the morning and wearing them all day.  The other night he asked if he could wear pajamas! That was virtually unheard of in our house.  He actually chose his own PJ’s to wear too!

Two years, 4 months and 42 rounds. He is also using his pointer finger as part of his pincher grasp s that’s improved fine motor function.

To think a doctor told me there was nothing we could for his sensory disorder because he was “born that way”.

I guess they were wrong!