We began Round 47 this morning. This morning my son got himself dressed, because “everyone else is getting up and dressed” he said.


Yes that fantastic gain from Round 42 stuck.

Further gains:

  • more flexible
  • buttoning his own shirts
  • expressing himself better: “wait for me mom, I have to button my pocket” when we were getting out of the car
  • he tried a no-no food and didn’t have a bad reaction to it for the first time in years!
  • he is showing interest in things and expressing curiosity about them

It’s been wonderful to see his imagination lighting up. He is expression interest in everything, asking questions, wanting to explore. He wants to cook and bake with me. He wants to explore the woods on our hikes but is demonstrating proper caution about places we should not go, like the swamp. His thirst of learning is turned on and it’s truly amazing.