Round and round we go…..cinnamon and all

Round and Round we go…..we began Round 47 this morning. That mean tonight I stay up until midnight, get up at 4am then attempt to go back to sleep which usually does not happen until 6am. And then I get up at 8am. I am tired before I even start. The weeks of disrupted sleep are catching up to me.

This morning my son got himself dressed, because “everyone else is getting up and dressed”. This would never have happened a few months ago. He also seems a bit more flexible with change in plans and things not going as he thought they would. He actually put on a button up shirt and cargo pants today. That HE buttoned….by Himself! Later in the day, he was getting out of the car, but said “wait for me mom; I have to button my pocket”. How can I argue with that? I waited almost six years for him to button things. Well technically, 3 years. He should have been able to do that a few years ago.

Also, he had a special treat yesterday, something he’s never been allowed to have.

Finished cinnamon roll with glaze.

Finished cinnamon roll with glaze. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cinnamon Rolls. There are so many bad food chemicals in those that we have never had them in the house, and he’s never tried them. Well, the other day, for the sake of living and being human, we caved in and bought them. He was so excited. It was like Christmas! “Mom, Mom, are we making those things you bought tonight? The things with the chemicals in them that you said were bad for us?”
He said. “Well? Can we? Are we? I can’t wait to try them. They’ve got food colors in them don’t they mom?”

Yes, they probably have everything on his list of “can’t have” all in this one product. But…he’s a child. And he’s got to live. Everything can’t be no all the time. So just this once…we gave in and bought these things. He helped get the pan out, and learned how the can pops when you open it. He was like a foreigner on tour in a strange country. He didn’t know how to open the tube. He didn’t know what to do with the swirly dough inside. “You have to cook this, right?” he said. I have always made his baked goods from scratch for as long as he remembers. He’s never had something from a paper tube. I showed him how it all worked and he was fascinated. He waited so patiently for that timer to go off. When they were finally done and frosted…he grabbed one and ran. Like lighting, fearing someone might change their mind and say he could not have it. I told him to go ahead, it was OK. In seconds, he was hooked. He gobbled it down and ran into the kitchen for a second one, he was sure I would not let him have. As he grabbed the second one, he tried to hide it in his hands and go upstairs…in a very casual way. I asked him “Where are you going?” He said “Upstairs to see what sister’s doing”. I said, “Hmm, well you know it’s ok that you have a second cinnamon roll, you don’t have to hide it”. He looked at me with his huge brown eyes and a sign of relief. I told him it was OK to have a second one, he could come down and enjoy it. No need to woof it down in some dark corner. Mom was not going to take it. It was a treat.

He used his talent of fast math and said “Mom, there were eight of them, that means we can each have two anyway, right? And it’d still be fair if we each had two”. He ate part of it, and said “Mom, I can’t eat anymore of this. I am too full”. I told him he could save it for later if he wished. So he got a plastic sandwich bag and put his coveted treat inside. Then set it on the counter. Told me he wanted to take it in his room tonight, in case he “needed a snack later”. As I tucked him in, I went to get his baggie and bring it into his room for him. I suspect he just wanted to keep it safe, so no one would eat it. I noticed in clear letters, he had written on the bag with a marker. “Do Not Tac” His version of “do not take”. The letters were clear and well-formed. I see his writing improving this summer through all these rounds as well. I was very proud of his writing and told him what a great job he’d done.
He went to sleep happily with his cinnamon roll at his side.well formed

Today, he went for a hike in the woods. He had planned for this for days. Had a back pack ready and everything. He had his compass, a map he’d drawn, a drink, his binoculars, and some pretzels. He said he liked it in the woods because it was dark and quiet. The sun was not so bright and it was cool because it was an “adventure” finding out where the trails lead. He stomped around like an explorer…following his “map” and holding his compass, tracking our direction. He climbed up some hills and said he was “rock climbing”. He looked at the swamp and said “well, we’d better turn around; we don’t want to go in there”. He is very interested in so many things I never thought he’d be. Before his chelation he had little interest in anything. Just the solar system and trucks. Now he’s wants to cook, bake, explore nature, and check out everything. In fact, he found out we lived near a REAL lighthouse and he lit right up. We had to go, no way out after that. He was very impressed by it, and enjoyed climbing up inside and looking out over the lake. He’s become a very interesting little person with a thirst for learning. So very different from whom he was before I began all this. I think it’s allowed him to become who he was supposed to be.


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