Dub Weekends Continued

Round 53 and counting. We made it! With only about 50-300 more to go….

It has become refreshing of sorts that he looks forward to his dub weekends. I do and I don’t, due to the lack of sleep. Although I fared alright this time, he doesn’t remember me waking him at night, thankfully. He had a cold this time around, so we had to increase his vitamin C and add Echinacea. He did well.
We went to visit a train museum this past weekend. Something we could have never done three years ago. He was excited, enthralled and happy. We rode the train for a two-hour trip. Ironically, he was better behaved than the “normal” children on the train. Another boy his age was under the seats trying to fold them up on people. This kid was running up and down the aisle and making a real pain of himself. He did not seem to have any detectable disorder…but I guess you never know. In either case, I was proud that my boy knew how to act and fared well on the trip. Three

Passing Trains

Passing Trains (Photo credit: Gerry Balding)

years ago I could never have imagined us going anywhere like that. Having a family outing. He would have never sat that long. He would have cried, whined and hid under the seat too. If we even survived the car ride. He hated those and used to panic if we drove some where he was not familiar or if we took roads he did not know.

The days when he would have avoided any strangers gaze or words. Not today, not this time. He posed with the train conductor for pictures! His eyes gleamed as we looked through the museum and the train display. Everything was as it should be. I could not have asked for a more perfect day. It was something I never thought I’d see. Something I almost didn’t see.

We have made, we are half way there. While we have many more dub weekends to go, we have at least reached “normalcy”. It is a nice comforting feeling to know that he will be alright. He’s going to be alright. He’s going to make it.


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