We’ve finished round 53.  Thankfully he does not wake up for his night doses and he looks forward to doing his round. As he expressed in the past he feels better on them.  He did have a cold this time so we increased his vitamin C and echinacea and he did great.

We were able to take a day trip, something we could never do 3 years ago. I found it ironic that my autistic kid behaved better than the other kids that were there. He was sitting nicely and enjoying himself while others ran around like crazy and disrupted everyone else around them.

Three years ago I could never imagine us going anywhere. He would have never sat that long. He would have cried, whined and hid under the table. That’s if we even survived the car ride. He hated those and used to panic if we drove some where he was not familiar or if we took roads he did not know. Those days he avoided any strangers gaze or kind words.

Not this time. He posed for pictures!  We really had a normal family outing for the first time.