It has taken me time to be able to go back and look at videos of him before the age of 2. A time when my memory is fuzzy about how bad things really were. That’s what home videos are for.  Parents today have cell phones to track their children’s growth or regression but back then we had camcorders.  Thank you Memorex for logging down what my tired mom brain forgot.

2004, age 16 months:

  • He was in his own world most of the time
  • He only had one word speech that was hard to understand or made up language that only he understood
  • He did not respond to us most of the time
  • He jumped all the time and I mean all the time, he didn’t walk.
  • He flapped his arms way more than I remembered
  • Sometimes he was verbal, happy and would engage but others he was out there again
  • He did not respond to our speaking to him, rather he’d jump, stare elsewhere
  • I had to sing, talk to and constantly try to engage him or he’s go into his own world of jumping and stimming
  • He would fret, howl and we could not figure out why or what was wrong
  • He would crunch up his face and make noises of distress
  • Minimally verbal
  • Put ups arms and screamed at you if something was wrong
  • He would grunt and whine when he needed something
  • If we told him the word for what he wanted, he would repeat it in a garbled incoherent way. If he did not know the word, he said nothing.
  • He babbled in his own language that no one understood.

I was back ground noise to my son in those days. I talked, sang, read to him, used his name repeatedly trying to get him to interact with me but he was out there somewhere.  Being the second child in the family I had enough experience to know this is not normal development.


I always felt like my son stopped developing at 2 years of age but these videos show it was earlier.  We are catching up now but it’s unfortunate this happens at all to anyone. For the record this is not normal development and anyone that says it is, it mistaken.