Fifty seven rounds

Well, we’ve got 57 rounds done. No signs of auditory processing problems now. I noticed those were gone by the end of summer. Beginning first grade was a bit rocky, with writing and reading and all. But within a few months he is now reading and writing at his age level. In fact, he seems to have a knack for math. While he still hates the schedule of get up and goes out the door in the mornings, he does well in school.

Some interesting things he brought to my attention at the end of round 56. He was sad and didn’t want to end it. He asked why he can’t just take it every day. I explained that his body needs a rest. I asked why he wanted to take it every day. He said that when he is on his rounds he can play for a long time and he feels like he can pretend longer. He said that he feels he can be creative. He also said that things “look better”. I asked what he meant by “look better”. He said that he can see better and that colors look better and clearer. I said, “well how do they look when you’re not on a round?” He said that the colors blend altogether and they are not as clear. And those things are fuzzier to him.

I can relate to what he is saying. When I am on a round, I find that I can concentrate better, get things done. I also suffer fuzzy vision in between rounds that is cleared up with rounds.
This insightful child has figured out that he feels better on rounds, and not so good off them.


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