Round 57 update:

  • No longer seeing auditory processing problems
  • Better focus and imagination: he can play and pretend longer
  • Reported improved vision on rounds: he reports colors blend together off rounds, vision not as clear.

Summary: He was sad round 57 ended. I asked him why? He asked why he can’t just take it every day? I explained that his body needs a rest. I asked why he wanted to take it every day. He said that when he is on his rounds he can play for a long time and he feels like he can pretend longer. He said that he feels he can be creative. He also said that things “look better”. I asked what he meant by “look better”. He said that he can see better and that colors look better and clearer. I said, “well how do they look when you’re not on a round?” He said that the colors blend altogether and they are not as clear. And those things are fuzzier to him.

As a chelating adult I understand exactly what he means because I also experience better focus, better vision and I can get things done more easily when I’m on a round.