That Yeasty Beasty!

We have forever battled yeast. Chronic gut Candida with my son. Over the years we have learned that we can’t eat sugar or too much starch. We have to take our probiotics and grapefruit seed extract.

If we don’t the yeast gets worse and he feels bad. He gets dark circles under his eyes, irritable, rashes, eats only carbs, and becomes defiant, belligerent and non-compliant.

It goes in phases. Sometimes, we have it under control and he’s pleasant and doing well. But when it’s not….oh boy, look out!

In our house my son has named it the “Yeasty Beasty”. His behavior will flare, and mommy will say “let me see your tongue”. Then we check and see the white coating and we know its back. He will stick out his tongue and then ask “Is the yeasty gone yet mom?ā€ Usually I say “not yet honey”, or “it’s not too bad today”.
One night when I was tucking him into bed, and I checked his tongue, he said “mom is it gone yet?ā€ He says he is tired of taking his “GSE” (grapefruit seed extract) and wants to be able to eat junk food. I say, “Not yet Hun, hopefully soon”. He tells me, “Mommy, when’s it’s gone we are going to have a big party with lots of junk food”.
I smile and agree. He’s a brave little boy with all he has had to endure. Taking some icky tasting supplements, not having all the same goodies other kids eat. It’s only lately that he has expressed that he is tired of it. I agree. I am too. “Not much longer baby” I tell him. The yeast leaves somewhere after 60 rounds, and we are almost there.

Through his detoxification and gut treatment we have seen the yeast begin to go away and it has become a lot more manageable than it used to be. At some point it will go away completely. That will be a happy day. That will deserve a party.

This battle for yeast control hasn’t been all bad. It’s helped me develop a GSE dosing protocol as a general guideline that helps others also control yeast.

We’re still going to celebrate when its gone!


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