A lot to think about- round 58

We took advantage of our long week off, deciding we would detox for four days instead of three. We had not been able to do it in a few weeks because we kept getting colds.

We all did really well on round. I got very tired out by the 4th day though. Waking at night for three nights…uck…yeah I was tired. But we did it. I keep reminding myself to push through so we can get that wondrous clean hair test! Someday, someday we will.

I am also contemplating moving. Our area is full of toxins and that is not making this process go any quicker. Some days it’s a daunting proposition that seems like too much. Other days, I know it might be inevitable. We need clean air!

Four days of hoping that we pulled enough metals. Will this round make him stop hopping? I don’t know. Maybe not.

We are nearing a changing point for my son now, with 58 rounds down. He no longer needs a ton of supplements like he once did. We are down to a few basic ones. He still requires gut support and antifungals. We still have some food intolerance’s to handle and some viral issues to address at some point. But we have come a long way. He used to have a list of supplements that he took four times a day. I think all my energy was consumed in measuring them, and dispensing them….and buying them. I was constantly trying to figure out how to pay for the next order. I know what a pharmacy feels like. Keeping an inventory, ordering when low….etc. I got good at it. I managed with spreadsheets and VIP accounts with companies, buying groups…somehow you get there. It’s hard to believe that we need half of that now. So there is hope I may get my cupboards back someday, then I can put dishes in them like regular people!

On these four days he did express something interesting to me. He said “mom my ears aren’t working right, what therapy do we have to do to get them working right again?” This coming from a 6-year-old. He has auditory problems but they seem to have disappeared this summer with weekly rounds. He has not mentioned it since, and he has not shown symptoms of it. While I didn’t notice him having problems processing or listening on this round…he noticed something. I explained that symptoms can come and go with rounds, and that it would likely be gone when we finished. He has not mentioned it since.

I myself have seen problems in processing when chelating or if we have gone too long in between removing metals. For me, metals cause this, and removing them always removes the symptoms. This has been the case for him also. His sensory processing disorder is just about gone. Surprising, since I had a pediatrician tell me two years ago that he was born like that and there’s no cure for it. So either a divine miracle happened or the doctor is dead wrong. I’ll take the later.

On my four days of being up half the night I toy with thoughts about what we should do as a family.  Can we move out of this area? Will that help us get him metal free quicker? It’s seems it would.

The past few weeks he has taken on another sort ofstimming, or just morphed his old one I guess. He used to jump a lot on his mini trampoline. Now he has taken to using hisHoppity Ball as a primary means of transportation. He hops that thing all over the house. He even carries it up the stairs so he can hop when he gets upstairs! It is getting on my nerves now, since he even hops when he’s eating, which has resulted in some food being choked up a few times….but he can’t help it. It calms his sensory system.

1,500 People Space Hop Into The Guinness Book ...

(Photo credit: infomatique)

So hop he does. Will ever be able to sit still? I don’t know. Maybe someday.
He did not sit well at his sister’s award ceremony. He sat, on the floor in the auditorium…rather than in the seat…he climbed all over his chair.  Lucky for us we or rather other people we always sit away from people. Since most can’t tolerate what we have to tolerate. He was at least quiet during the proceedings. But he wasn’t able to sit still.

My baby bunny hopped to the bathroom and everywhere else. I think my future stock purchases should include vitamins and hoppity balls.


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