This round we did 4 days instead of 3.  He is 6 years old now and this is round 58 for us. Getting up an extra night was harder for me but since we had missed a few weeks due to illness I wanted to get a good metal pull done.

  • He needs less supplements than when we first started
  • We still require probiotics and antifungal
  • He still has some food intolerance but is less sensitive to food coloring infractions
  • He still has viral issues: acts normal when he has a fever
  • We saw an auditory processing flare on this round
  • Over all less sensory symptoms than in the past
  • He is using an exercise ball to hop instead of his mini rebounder
  • He is still fairly hyper in a setting that requires him to sit quietly.

Over all we are making progress. I am noticing that symptoms can go away, come back and then go away again. They do go away for good at some point which is promising if you’re feeling like something went away and now it’s back. I can’t say the 4 day round was easier on me with the extra night of disrupted sleep though but for those that can manage it, go for it!