Progress, Round 60

We finished round 59 and 60. Round 59 we did a four-day stint. I was really tired. He did fine as usual. Since completing them he has taken a different air about himself, he seems happier lately, less argumentative and more relaxed. He has also been wearing clothing consistently, including underwear. That was a huge step. The underwear, he would never wear those. Now he even sleeps in them. He changes them each day without reminders too!

Last night he surprised me, many times when he seems out of sorts of seems emotionally on edge I offer him a bath. This always calms him down. He wanted a bath so I ran it for him, put in his Epsom salts and he selected the toys he wanted. I wait nearby until he is done. Normally, when he’s done I will hear him pull the tub drain and then call for me to get him out and dry him.

Last night he surprised me. For the first time ever he got himself out, dried himself off and got his sweat pants and t-shirt on, INCLUDING underwear…without my help. He never even called me!

Now some people say this is maturity, but I say its progress, because normally a six-year-old would have been doing this a long time ago. I did not have to dress my other child when she was six, nor dry her off after a bath. I did help with brushing hair of course, but I know that most children can do these things unaided. Mine could not, until now.

He also jumped two reading levels at school since round 59 during recess in February. He has now reached the level he needs to be at for June, ahead of schedule!

The small things like this are progress that we always see following a round. He’s making progress still, after three years! We gear up for another round this coming week. We are hoping to order a hair test soon and see how that compares to his other ones.

I can’t ask for more.


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