Looking back over the past few years and seeing our progress is amazing. We do have times where we might feel down, or like maybe it’s not enough progress which is why I keep a diary of it. Then when I do look a year or two back I can definitely see the improvements. After three years of this I’m have become much more adept at dividing and mixing doses and supplements. I could probably do it in my sleep!

This time I note:

  • My son is talking excitedly on and on about how he wants the picture he made to be in an art gallery like the real artists.
  • A new expression of emotion as he finally verbalized his grief over missing his grandmother who had passed 2 years earlier.
  • Being able to visit the library, pick out books and behave too.
  • Finally able to print his first name

Now we prepare for round 62 gratefully accepting the gains with the inconveniences of chelating.