64 rounds, bye goes the bugs and Mt. Vesuvius

We began a parasite cleanse almost two weeks ago using wormwood, green black walnut hull and clove tincture. Not expecting much but I thought it was worth a try, because so many kids seem to have sensory issues that are relieved by parasite cleanses. The first two days we didn’t see anything.

The third day was like “wow, what happened to my kid?” He was fussy, crying and melting down over everything. He hid under his bed, he refused to leave the house….it was a long day. Thankfully, that was the only bad day he had on this cleansed.

My older child has some pretty profound symptoms about the third day also. Her symptoms lasted for four-day. She was moody, depressed, and anxious. In order to alleviate the symptoms I gave her more milk thistle for her liver, and antioxidant juice. This helped her get through, and the rest of the cleanse has been good. We still have 2 more weeks. And also ironically, his yeast was down with the parasite herbs. Until his round anyway…

We began round 64 Friday with a slight increase in dose. He seemed to actually do better at this dose. He was happier, and we did not see the irritability that we sometimes see on rounds. I am exhausted….did not sleep much at all this weekend. In between doing the rounds, we are trying to get the house ready to show, so we can sell it. This is a huge task.

My son has put his request in that where we move, there better not be any schools. He wants to home school. He really doesn’t like the bus, dealing with bratty kids who tease. He also informed me that they teach “baby kindergarten” work in his class and it’s too easy. Hmm….he’s probably right. He is a plethora of information that is way beyond his years. He was telling me about Pompeii the other day and how Vesuvius erupted and covered the city. I asked him how he knew this, and he said, “From the volcano movies we get at the library, mom”. He retains so much more than I think he does. I’m tired….but he’s doing fabulous.

I am impatiently waiting for his hair test results. It’s been a week….they are probably not ready yet.

Back to my message group to help others, so their child can learn about Mount Vesuvius!


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