Not for sale!

We completed round 64 without any problems as we embark upon a new journey.
We actually went to the zoo and had a nice time like a regular family. We also attended a carnival without any hitches. Dad could not believe how well he was at the zoo, because the last time he went with us, my son screamed and cried through most of it and we had to leave. This was a few years ago.

Yesterday our son came home from school to find the realtor at our house. We have been talking to him since January about moving and selling our house. He objects of course, because he has never known any other house. He has gone to open houses with us and delightfully looks about picking out which room would be his, or telling us that he does not like the place. Despite all that preparation, he rejected this process.

My son saw the lady pound the for-sale sign into the lawn…and he came running out with his face twisted up and tried to pull it out of the grass. We told him he could not do that, and he began to protest that he didn’t want the sign there. We could not sell his house! He then proceeded to bang on the sign with a large stick from the garden. As you can imagine he was just as cooperative about having photos taken of the house. He refused to leave the living room and hid behind the chair when the lady tried to photograph the house. It was quite an embarrassing afternoon. We finally got the photos done, without his hand sticking out from behind the chair! What a day….

Ironically, he had gotten up at 6:30am that morning, and had gone to bed at 10pm the night before. He was very tired. We gave some melatonin and his supplements and he was asleep by 7pm.

He did get to visit his new baby cousin earlier this week. He loved her, and rubbed her head and talked about how beautiful she was.
He can be so calm sometimes, and so crazy other times. Change has never been easy for him, and really isn’t for anyone. His vote: “You’re not selling my house”.
He reminds me of the book about the boy names Alexander who is “not moving, I mean, no way, moving……”

In the end Alexander moves….


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