Simple Things

My son is rather happy today. He got a typewriter yesterday that I got from a local free cycle group. He asked me for one a few days ago because he said he likes to type letters but the computer never works right for him. So he typed furiously and happily all evening. He said it relaxes him. He slept with it in his bed. I took pictures!

Today he surprised me. I took out the ingredients to make his favorite dinner. He likes homemade chicken nuggets and carrots. He volunteered to help me make the nuggets. He loves to dip the chicken into the bread crumbs and to mix up the bread crumbs. He adds garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt and parsley to the corn crumbs. (We make them without wheat) He likes his chicken VERY garlicky.

When he grew tired of dipping chicken which is about half way through the package of chicken, he noticed I had carrots and a pan and slicer set out. He went over and asked if he could slice up the carrots. Sure I said. We have this nice large plastic slicer that sits on the counter; it’s very easy to use. He is slicing up carrots and talking a mile a minute about the world.

He tells me that you don’t want to eat the tops of the carrots so he is going to cut those off. Then as he is slicing them he tells me he sees some juice inside them, like the blades of grass he picked apart at school. Those had green juice in them but he was careful not to get it on himself like his friend did. He is growing grass at school in a little cup. Then he asks if he can eat one of the carrots. I said sure. Not getting too much excitement in my voice because my son has never, ever tried a raw carrot. He only eats them cooked if they are sliced as wheels. Any other shape and forget it. He takes one of the wheels he’s sliced and asks if it taste like the carrots do when I cook them? I told him it does it’s just crunchy like a chip. He begins to chew….”hmm…these are good”, he says. He finishes that wheel and asks if he can get another. I say he can eat as many as he wants. I tell him they are good for you this way and make a nice crunchy snack.

Meanwhile inside I want to jump for joy and shout out “Finally, my son ate something normal!” He then asks if we can get out the juicer because he has never had carrot juice and would like to taste it. So we do.

He didn’t care for the carrot juice, I think because it was warm. He loves the raw carrot wheels…but I had to rephrase the “raw” part to uncooked. The word “raw” set off a host of concerns about if you could actually eat something raw. Uncooked…works better.

So today he for some reason broke one of his oral sensory barriers. He not only tried two different things, the uncooked carrot and the juice, but he actually accepted one of them.

The typewriter has sparked his interest in writing. Since he finds the pencil daunting and hard to control….he finds typing a way around this barrier. He now types up stuff and runs around saying “Hot off the press”! I have no idea where he heard that either.


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