68 rounds…..and a vacation

We decided to take a three-day trip in the country. See some nature, breathe some fresh air and take a break from every day. Trips are not usually easy for my son with all the adjustments, unpredictability and change. In the past year though, he has blossomed into a pleasant intelligent little 6-year-old. He was very excited for this trip because he was going to see a real castle! We had just come off a round the day we were leaving town, and the day after a round is always subject to worry.

Sometimes they get irritable or tired out. We were hoping he would not get irritable during the long car ride.

Contrary to what normally happens, he was happy, and endured the ride well. He was reading the road signs and telling us what exits were coming up. In the past few weeks his reading interest has really blossomed and his skills improved. Without any aid from us…its like something clicked and he gained an interest in reading.
Anyway, our trip fared well, he really well. He did not take any of his supplements on day two and three and I worried there would be repercussions for this. Usually in behavior. But he seems just fine, and we did not see any side effects of him not taking his vitamins. He even ate a few foods he normally does not have, and we did not see the usual side effects.

On our trip when he entered the castle, he looked up at the entry foyer of 4 stories and said “wow, this is magnificent!”. And I was thinking to myself, “yes, you are magnificent!”.

Look how far you have come? In three years, from a hopping kid with PDD to a normal healthy inquisitive little boy. while he is still metal toxic, he is not autistic and bears no developmental delays. That in itself is magnificent.


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