We were finally able to take a 3 day trip by car and my son did very well. He was excited,  and was not bothered by the unpredictability and changes involved in a road trip. In the past year we have noticed him really coming around. He was so excited because he was going to see a “real castle” in his words.

In the past car rides were something of a nightmare for all us and long car rides were out of the question. Not this time!

He was reading road signs, telling us where exits were. Without any encouragement from us he began to take interest in words and books.

He was actually off his supplements for 2 of our trip days. He even ate some regular foods without any return of symptoms!

My little man, 6-year-old, enters the castle we came to see and proclaims “wow, this is magnificent!”

I’m thinking to myself, “yes child, you are magnificent! Look how far you have come in three years! I would have never thought we could take a trip like this or have him eat something normal yet here we are!