Bye bye yeasty beasty!

Since yeast has been a word my son has grown up hearing, he has nicknamed it “the yeast beasty”. For the past three years I have said “let mommy see your tongue” and he shows me……and asks “is it gone yet?” Usually my reaction is either “wow, you have a lot of yeast” or “there’s some but it’s not too bad”. For my son he has always gotten a white coating on his tongue when he has yeast. He does get other symptoms as well such as irritability, defiance, craving starch and sometimes a rash on his bum or underarms. He’s been known to devour a box of crackers when he’s got bad yeast.

So for three years we have played this game of “let me see your tongue”. He told me last year that when it’s gone for good he wants to have a party! So I agreed that he could. After all he’s been a trooper in all this. Taking his supplements and not always getting to eat the goodies he wants.

After round 50 we noticed that his yeast improved. It was easier to manage. He didn’t get it so badly, even on chelation rounds. Still he needed daily anti-fungals but far less of them. We finished round 74 this weekend! After round 73 I noticed that his tongue was pink. No signs of yeast. I stopped his anti-fungal and waited patiently. Usually, it returns in a day. It did not return. We went two weeks and no yeast.

We did see a tiny bit on round 74 but very minimal and it was easily gotten rid of with a few sprinkles of his grapefruit seed anti-fungal.
I am counting the days; if he is yeast free on Friday……I think he can have his party.

Finally, we have gotten out enough metals that his immune system is working better and keeping yeast in control.

We have also been able to drop some supplements and he can have food infractions without any symptoms. Things are progressing along.

Bye Yeasty Beasty!


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