In our house we have nicknamed candida over growth “the yeasty beasty”. My son has always gotten a white coating on his tongue when he has yeast. He does get other symptoms too like irritability, defiance, craving starch and sometimes a rash on his bum or underarms. He’s been known to devour a box of crackers when he’s got bad yeast too!

After round 50 we noticed that his yeast  became easier to manage. It was less severe and we needed lower doses of antifungal. It wasn’t flaring up badly on rounds anymore either.

After round 73 I noticed he finally had a pink tongue. No more white coating. I stopped his antifungal and waited to see if yeast returned. Two weeks went by and no yeast!

We saw a little yeast on round 74 but very minimal and just a few sprinkles of GSE powder and it was gone!

We finally have removed enough metals that his immune system is working better and keeping yeast in control.

We have also been able to drop some supplements and he can have food infractions without any symptoms. Do’nt you just love when things progress?  I do.