Saying what you mean

My son always had problems getting out what he was trying to say. Not that he couldn’t form the words of physically speak them. Just that sometimes he’d phrase it oddly or use the wrong words, or just not tell us but act frustrated and angry. I’d have to ask a lot of questions to figure out what was bothering him.
I have noticed over the past few days following round 75 that he is articulating better.

He’s able to explain things clearly to me and convey his thoughts better than ever.
He is now experiencing the lost of his front teeth as all 7 year olds do. He lost one of them on Monday and was upset by this. It hurts he says. When the tooth fairy left a dollar in place of his tooth, he wanted the tooth back. A few days after this, he comes to me and says “mom, I have to tell you something. I don’t think you’re going to like it though”. Wow…I’m thinking….he never says that. I say, “It’s ok, what is it honey?” He says “Well, mom my other tooth is really lose, it’s hurting and I think it is bleeding” I check it out and he’s right. It’s bleeding a little. It’s about to pop out. He says “mom why is it bleeding like that? Why does it keep hurting?” Here he is asking me particulars which usually he just complains that something is hurting or upsetting him.

I explain about how as the tooth comes out it might bleed a little because the gums are like skin, and when they get a hole in them, they leak but your body will take care of it.. He says “Oh…I didn’t know that”. He looks perplexed and then says “How will my body stop the bleeding?” So then we get into blood cells and clotting. Finally, he is satisfied with my explanation and we move on.

I know this might seem like a tiny thing, but for a kid who has a hard time expressing his thought, it’s huge. Oh and the yeast is still down and counting! So we are going to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate!


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