77 rounds and a snuggi

We are on round 77! After round 75 he went back to wearing pants to sleep in. I have seen fluctuations in sensory symptoms that wax and wane with rounds. Eventually they disappear completely. He has finally resorted to sleeping in boxers this summer, but by the end of summer….no boxers. As we reached October and got some more rounds down, he put the pants back on so to speak. So he’s wearing pajamas now.

I also discovered a wonderful invention that at first I thought was ridiculous. When I first saw this on TV I laughed hysterically. I could see the practical point certainly. I live where it gets beastly cold in the winter and heat is a fortune…so it’s chilly, a lot.

A snuggi made sense for those chilly evenings when we wish we could turn up the heat, but we can’t if we want to buy groceries. I dismissed this though, because I have thrown blankets in the living room for that season. I could not see myself walking around in a huge wearable blanket. I still can’t. I dismissed the idea of this large carpet for a while. My son saw the commercial on TV recently and he thought this was the best thing since sliced bread and automobiles. When he went to the store with his sister he asked for one. As I gave it some thought…..he was prone to getting up in the morning and running around barefoot in only sweatpants or boxers, regardless of how cold it was. Lately, it was getting cold. Sometimes first thing in the morning, he isn’t ready for full clothing yet. He’s too sensitive still. What he has always done as his own coping mechanism for this is drag around his blanky. A nice chenille throw blanket that goes ever where he does if he’s cold. So why not get him one he could just wear? For years I’ve been saying…”I should just sew his blanky into a poncho for him to wear”.

So I broke down and got him one of those Snuggi’s. His very own blue one. He loves it!


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