Some of the things I’ve noticed between round 74 and 77 are fluctuations in sensory symptoms. This has been ongoing for several months. At this point I’m not sure if sensory disorders are a metal toxicity issue or something else. I suspect metals play a role in causing them though or I would have seen improvements in it with chelation.

While we had some gains in wearing clothing, over the past few rounds we seem to have had gains in other avenues.  That coupled with a sensory flare up.  That means no pajamas and a lot of running around the house in his underwear. Round 77 gave us pajamas back at least!

The day time clothing is still a struggle until my son saw something on TV  that he thought this was the best thing since sliced bread.

A Snuggi…yes you know those large blankets one can velcro on like clothing to be warm in the house.

With my son’s sensory being worse at the moment we said why not? If he will wear it at least he isn’t running around in his birthday suit.

Bring on the Snuggi…and hopefully in the near future his tactile will settle down enough he will wear clothes.

Many people think that we have a fully recovered child and all is peachy. I never want to imply that we don’t have struggles and we don’t have issues we are still working on. We do.


  • understanding and displaying a sense of humor

Things are still working on:

  • social gaps
  • sensory processing
  • trouble interpreting what to do in situations but also asking what to do
  • short attention span
  • probably dyslexia
  • Irlen Syndrome (later cured with chelation and vision therapy)