Who says these kids never get it?

I know so many people say that our kids will never “get humor”, or they won’t know how to use sarcasm or goof around with verbal language like the rest of us can. I have heard this over and over, but I refused to believe that my son would never get there. It has actually happened before my eyes.

About two days ago I began to notice that he would come up to me and tell me something with a straight face. I would look at him and reply. Then he would smile at me and say “nah, mom I was just funning with you. I got you good that time didn’t I? You believe me but I was just joking”. He actually did get me good, more than once too! I really thought the kid was serious. He’s never been able to pull that off before and he’s done it to me probably 4 times in the past two days. He’s also been using sarcasm on his sister. He has become very fluent in the use of idioms over the past two months as well.

I had begun to teach him common idioms and what they really meant. Shortly after that, he began using them, picking them up in conversation and making up his own idioms. I didn’t teach him sarcasm, but I had planned to try to find a way to demonstrate what it was because his sister and I use it a lot around here, and he would get angry because he didn’t understand it. It would frustrate him that he thought we literally meant what we said. Like the one day I suggested he stop hopping on his bouncy ball at the table during lessons because he would bang his head on the table. He looked at me and began to attempt to bang his head. I said “Stop, what you are doing?” He said “you said to bang my head”. I almost cried.

I explained to him that mommy meant that he “could” bang his head on accident if he didn’t stop bouncing at the table, not that I wanted him to bang his head. The poor kid…how many other things did he take as personal verbal insults that weren’t?

Especially when it came to sarcasm in conversations. It just about killed me that day to see in his eyes what he really thought I had said to him. You could see his sadness and confusion. My poor baby. So I vowed to find a way to teach him to understand these language oddities that we all use that he didn’t understand.
However….my prayers came answered before I had the chance to formulate a way to teach him. Just those few days ago, he began to understand, on his own. He began to play jokes on me, to use sarcasm with us. He is making a breakthrough with these things and beginning to understand that they are “terms” and don’t mean exactly what the way they are said. He’s making inferences! Now he’s becoming a regular comedian around here!

It is amazing what 78 rounds of Andy Cutler chelation can accomplish, considering there are so many skeptics out there. I was never one of the skeptics. My son is doing things I was told he’d never do. I am thankful for every single one of those things.



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