Is Irlen going to leave?

Many people have never heard of Irlen, but he lives with us. Irlen Syndrome is something my son has and I think maybe I do too. Getting his “Irlen” means getting his reading filter. What is Irlen? Well….

He was diagnosed with Irlen’s Syndrome in kindergarten. I had never heard of it before then. It sounds way out there until you realize that it really exists and it’s really a problem. Even my son had a weird look on his face when I explained why the words were always moving and upside down for him…he said “Irlen? What’s that?” and wrinkled up his nose.

Irlen is a scotopic light sensitivity that affects vision. It’s not an eye disorder, but a problem with the signal the eye is sending to the brain. He has 20/20 vision and does not need glasses. What happens is that when you look at text on paper, usually black text on white paper, the letters move, blur, flip upside and become impossible to read. It’s very often misdiagnosed as ADD, Dyslexia or other learning disorders. It’s very simple to test for and to treat. Yet, it’s overlooked. Luckily our school district had given staff some seminars and trained their OT therapist and psychologist to be on the lookout for this condition. They screened him for it. It was simple. He needed peach colored overlays to read.

These are colored transparencies that are glare filtered.
Here you can see what it is like to have Irlen’s syndrome:

Imagine trying to learn to read when the words look like that!!
Anyway, the irony is that when I retested him for overlay colors I found myself to read much better with the overlays. Like I used too before I got Hg poisoning and found I kept losing track on the page every two seconds. So my son was delighted that mom has some “Irlen” too. And he says maybe I “gave it to him”. Well, maybe….or maybe not.

Dr. Cutler says that mercury poisons the cranial nerves and affects vision. I have also read mercury is linked to blindness and macular degeneration. So we know it likes the eyes. I can attest to that…my vision began to steadily decline until I had my amalgams removed, then it improved very quickly, within hours in fact. I had no peripheral vision before amalgam removal. I have it now. Since that time it has never returned to that previous bad state.

We have done 82 rounds now with my son to remove heavy metals and he enlightened me just last week by counting how many days he’d be on round. I asked why he was counting. He said he wanted to stay on it all the time. I said we couldn’t. That his body needs a break…and mom needs one too. He said that he could see better on rounds and that he only had three-day after the round stopped. I said “three days for what honey?” He said, “three days to see without using my Irlen filters.” I asked him what he meant. He said he doesn’t need the filters when he’s on rounds, and for three days after it, he can see fine. But once those days are over, the problem starts coming back. And then it’s back to filters.

Now everything I have read says Irlen’s is not curable and they don’t know what causes it. Well…hmmm…I think I do. I asked my son if he knew what this meant. If he understood what it means that it goes away for a while. He did. He said “yep, mom, it means it’s going to go away for good just like my auditory problem did!” His auditory processing problem was pretty bad for a long time, but it went away after 55 rounds of detoxify. It has not returned. That was two years ago. Again, we were told that’s not curable either. I notice more vision improvements myself on rounds Earlier this week I was using my son’s Irlen filter to read Amalgam Illness by Andy Cutler, (again..No matter how much you read it, you find more you forgot) and this weekend, on round…I didn’t need the filter at all!

It seems that Irlen will leave us eventually. Makes me wonder how many with Irlen’s really have mercury poisoning?

*Update: This problem is entirely gone thanks to chelation. -2014


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