My son was diagnosed with something called Irlen’s Syndrome some time ago. This was the explanation for the visual issues he experienced such as:

  • words moving on the page
  • letter reversals
  • words upside down
  • light sensitivity
  • blurred words on a page


Ironically these symptoms overlap with dyslexia, visual processing disorders too so it take some time to sort them out.  What has been promising for us is that 82 rounds of chelation has led to improvements in these symptoms.

Dr. Cutler has information in his books about mercury’s effects on vision and cranial nerves which can also explain these things.

Our Gain This Round:

  • He reports better vision and not needing his Irlen filters to read

This does seem to wane off rounds until we start a round again. Hopefully that means it will go away at some point.

This is also what happened to his auditory processing symptoms. They came, went, came and finally went away for good with 55 rounds.

Two years later, no auditory issues.  Something I was told was not curable.

*Update: This problem is entirely gone thanks to chelation. -2014