It seems that every few weeks brings us more surprises and brings us closer and closer to full recovery.


  • Visual issues (Irlen) are staying away for longer periods of time
  • He is tolerating touching paper for shorts periods of time
  • He asked to have his hair brushes (that would never happen before)
  • He is dressing himself in cargos which he would not previously wear
  • He is wearing a collared shirt (he did not tolerate these in the past)
  • No yeast has returned but we did have to treat bacteria instead
    • Bacterial signs: defiant behavior onset
    • mouthiness
    • irritable
    • just not himself and not signs of yeast

Ongoing Issues:

  • sensory still fluctuates a lot
  • sometimes still needs you to explain things to him that he should understand
  • missing some social cues

As we progress through rounds his sensory issues fluctuate up and down. Sometimes he will sleep in sweat pants, other times not. Overall from where he originally began we have seen a huge reduction in sensory. I am very pleased that yeast has not returned and I expected that we’d need to treat bacteria next. We did that with goldenseal and probiotics.