93 rounds and “mom its gone!”

We are on round 93, starting this morning. This evening my son comes running into the living room yelling “Mom! Mom! It’s gone!” At first I thought “What did he lose now?”, but he came into the room excited rather than upset. He was jumping up and down and happier than I had seen him in a long time. You’d have thought it was Christmas morning. I asked him what was gone. He said “Mom, the sensory is gone”. When he says sensory he means his tactile defensiveness and skin sensitivity. He said “Look mom I can touch paper and it’s not bothering me!”, as he grabs some papers off the table to show me. “And socks don’t bother me either. I don’t feel sensory anymore.” With that he ran into his room and put on socks. Not something he would do willingly normally.

I could not believe it. I know it may not last because when we stop the round, it may return. And this off and on of symptoms will continue until it finally goes away for good. But what is amazing is that it’s gone at all. This is the first time that he has had relief from those sensory issues. This confirms my suspicions that all this sensory disorder stuff is caused by heavy metals. Why else would it go away on rounds while pulling out heavy metals? Nothing else has helped this condition.

Sometimes, when you have been doing this for this long you have small doubts about whether or not it is going to work. Heck, some days you have huge doubts. Especially when your child is hiding under a table in a restaurant complaining about the noise. You wonder will this really heal him. Will all the problems go away or are some permanent? So it’s nice to see reassurance that “yes, this is working and it’s going to work”. I just have to stay the course. Tired or not we’ve come too far to just quit.

We get our next hair test soon. As tired as I am with measuring out doses each week and doling out supplements every day……when something this huge happens, it’s all worth it.



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