We started round 93 this morning. This evening my son comes running into the living room yelling “Mom! Mom! It’s gone!” At first I thought “What did he lose now?”, but he came into the room excited rather than upset. He was jumping up and down and happier than I had seen him in a long time.

I asked him what was gone. He said “Mom, the sensory is gone!”

“Look mom I can touch paper and it’s not bothering me!” as he grabs some papers off the table to show me.

“And socks don’t bother me either. I don’t feel sensory anymore!” as he ran into this room to put them on.

I could not believe it. I know it may not last because when we stop the round, it may return because this off an on of symptoms is part of the process.

I’m happy that it has gone at all, even if only while on the round.  Makes it really hard to say heavy metals are not part of the problem.

When you have been doing this for this a long time sometimes you have doubts it’s still working. Especially when your child is hiding under a table in a restaurant complaining about the noise. Doubt is a normal emotion on this road. Then sometimes you get glimmers of hope like this where something so profoundly problematic improves.

It’s my reassurance that I just have to stay the course.