One, two, three…..oh it’s gone!

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While my son’s gain with tactile were short and brief, it gave us a window into the underlying cause of his sensory problems. It’s the metals. Ironically, there are studies that demonstrate metals creating tactile defensiveness in primates…but no one seems to say that metals cause our children to have sensory disorders. I was told my son was “born that way” and this is the way his brain is wired. Obviously he wasn’t or it wouldn’t be improving with heavy metal detoxify.

As we have continued rounds I have seen improvements in sensory from where we started. We just finished round 98 tonight. We have been able to increase his dose slightly as he’s grown some since his last adjustment.

I have noticed that sometime in the past few months, I’m not sure when, but he began to modulates his voice. He has always talked louder than others and didn’t seem to adjust his voice volume in relation to the surrounding environment. He’s always been that way since he was a toddler. I was forever saying, “Honey lower your voice”. When he was two we kept saying “why does he talk so loud all the time?” But recently, this slipped away quietly without my noticing. It dawned on me a few weeks ago that I haven’t had to remind him to lower his voice in quite some time.

I’ve also noticed that he’s gained in reading skills in a matter of weeks without us really doing anything. We took a break from his formal phonics instruction and any in-depth reading and just let him read what he pleased, when he pleased. This meant road signs and video games because reading isn’t his favorite thing. But he needed a short break. When I resumed lessons with him last week, things seem to go easier for him! I have no idea why, other than weekly rounds. But I’m not going to complain about progress.

This round we also had him lose the tactile sensitivity on the first day of doses again! It didn’t last the entire round but the fact it went away at all in relation to rounds strongly suggested metals really are the cause of much of his sensory issues.

He has begun to wear pajamas again and finally underwear. This has been an off and on gain and regression over the past few years. We’d wear pajamas then we wouldn’t. We’d wear underwear then suddenly we wouldn’t. He’s still a bit iffy about socks but sometimes those are fine too. It seems to ebb and flow as we work our way through detoxify. I have learned to be grateful whenever he’s wearing them willingly.

I had considered anti-virals for the sensory, but in light of the gains that keep occurring in direct relation to his detoxify rounds…I really can’t justify putting him through more supplements for viruses right now. If we reach a certain point in detoxify when gains no longer happen, and his hair test isn’t toxic, then….we may need anti-virals.

We have had ebbs and flow with yeast. It was gone for a long time but has made an appearance again recently. For no reason I can think of. I am sure it will go away again. We did also try the GF/CF diet and what a miserable child that made him. He said I was taking away the only foods he could eat. It did not affect his sensory at all. We suspected his liking for certain grain foods may have been a gluten problems but he managed to eat tons of gluten-free grain foods on a GF diet. For him, I think the limited foods are more texture related than allergy or addiction. (Gluten opiate or casomorphin).He’ll eat 5 GF cookies as easily as 5 regular ones and still limits his food choices even on a GF diet. He has had some increase in oral sensory the past few months complaining that foods he used to eat make him gag. He no longer will eat bananas or toast. So his already limited choices are more limited. If food feels funny or gaggy, he won’t eat it. But with that loss, he’s taking supplements more that’s a gain.

We do need to limit dairy because it still can cause constipation if he consumes too much. So at this point, he’s back on Feingold. The limitations that GF/CF created for him left him with nothing to eat and no improvement in sensory symptoms. So we decided to abandon that for now.

We are almost to 100 rounds and his hair test will be mailed out tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what this one shows. I truly hope we are finally getting some of these metals down. With all the hard work of chelating weekly for the past 12 months I certainly hope this hair test looks better……


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