As we have continued rounds I have seen improvements in sensory from where we started. We just finished round 98 tonight. We increased his dose slightly this time in response to growth and weight gain.


  • He has begun to modulate his voice volume: no more talking loud all the time
  • Gains in reading skills without nay outside assistance or tutoring
  • Tactile defensiveness went away on part of the round before returning
  • Wearing pajamas and finally underwear again
  • Taking supplements more easily


  • Yeast made a small appearance on round


We tried GF/CF and it did not improve sensory at all. He still self-limits his diet even GF/CF. We ended up taking him off this diet and going back to an organic diet.  We are going to mail out his next hair test when we reach 100 rounds.

Anyone who has an ASD kid that talks at the top of his lungs all the time, even in the quietest places will know how overjoyed I am that he is modulating his own voice appropriately now.