We’ve been busy exploring some things while we continued chelation. We have finished round 105 but we are also working on addressing some delays in development.  So far the gains we have since our last post:


  • He is making faster progress in vision therapy than their other clients do.
  • Improvements in hand writing and reading.
  • He explains why he likes crunchy foods: they help his sensory go away
  • Still wearing underwear!

What happened on our round:


  • Still struggles with flexibility
  • Moodiness
  • Treating yeast again

Other things going on:

  • We began Vision Therapy to address primitive reflex integration.
    • My son had retained Moro and Gallant reflexes which may be part of his sensory disorder.
    • He has the visual motor skills of a 3 year old at age 7 : eye teaming, near/far focus, visual processing etc.
    • We are going to have Central Auditory Processing Testing to rule out this issue.
  • Loose stools: not from rounds, ongoing issue we finally  tracked down to a food additive Carageenan.
  • Still some trouble with deciphering meaning of some words in conversational settings.
  • Slow working memory and processing time on school tests


I do feel that a lot of ASD kids or children with developmental delays may have retained primitive reflexes and treating it would be helpful. It is also worthy to rule out visual processing/motor delays too.  Unfortunately mercury seems to disrupt these things in a lot of children and the therapy is helpful to address that. I know sometimes group mantra’s say just chelate and everything else will be fixed but that’s simply not the case. Any skill they missed developing in infancy or early childhood may need to be taught in therapy. We are seeing improvements with many facets of his learning and function by doing these therapies.

For more information on primitive reflexes and Brain Balance/Brain Gym:
The Well Balanced Child