Round 105

To bring things up to date we have started vision therapy to address visual processing and visual motor delays. In that process our vision therapist tested my son for primitive reflexes. He explained to me that if my son still had these, they could be causing sensory disturbances. Infants are born with these reflexes which normally integrate into the nervous system by 6 months of age. If they do not integrate, it disrupts the development of the nervous system. My son still has two of his primitive reflexes. He has the Moro and the gallant reflex. And those cause many of the sensory symptoms he has. So in part we have been doing exercises to integrate those. One is called the “Starfish” and the other involved brushing the back with two paintbrushes.

We have noticed that this along with chelation is really helping him. He is calmer at times and is able to tolerate touching paper randomly. We are also undergoing numerous other evaluations at this time to see where my son is. His last hair test still indicated mercury toxicity, so onward we continue!

We have also noticed an improvement in his writing and reading. We are only a few months into therapy, and are expected to need 3-6 more months. The therapist has been impressed by how quickly my son has progressed. He said that usually children don’t make progress this quickly. My guess is those children are not chelating. Mercury affects the third cranial nerve and this causes visual motor problems.

We still have our ups and down with mood and adaptability. Sometimes he’s very pleasant, like when he’s on his round, other times not so much. He loves to explore in the woods and learn about everything…but he’d rather not sit in a loud restaurant. He tolerates it. But he doesn’t like it.

We have had yeast return for some unknown reason but we continue to treat that.
Since he is so verbal he’s able to tell us a lot about his sensory needs and how he feels. This is a blessing that many parents do not have, so we try to share these on our group to help other parents understand what their child might be feeling. For example I could not figure out why my son was always nibbling and chewing crunchy foods. He would eat through a large bag of pretzels in no time. For a while we thought maybe he was addicted to gluten. One day it occurred to me to just ask him why he was eating so many of these pretzels. He told me it was because when he was crunching them the rest of the sensory in his body would go away! The very same reason he loves to hop around the house on his hopping ball. This made sense. I decided not to worry about his large consumption of pretzels anymore.

We also determined the source of his bowel accidents and loose stools. Carrageenan of all things. Every time he ate ice cream or a product with this ingredient in it he had gut problems. We bought all natural ice cream and he was able to eat that. He was getting carrageenan in ice cream served at restaurants or other people’s homes. It is also in squeeze yogurt sticks. So when we stick to products and yogurt that does not have this, he’s fine. Who would have thought??
I am extremely happy with the vision therapy and how that is helping. We plan to work more on receptive language this fall. While he can carry a normal conversation without a problem, we notice that he still has trouble with inference and the meaning of some words in conversation. For example I was talking about the creek we were hiking near, and I said that it was “shallow” and he did not know what that meant. Sometimes he takes things literally still. So we’d like to work more on addressing his knowledge of word meanings.

We will be getting his central auditory processing testing finally! We had to wait for him to be old enough for them to do it. Our school would not test him until he was 7. So we have waited almost four years to have this done. He does present with slow working memory and processing time on testing, so they feel he may still have some auditory processing delay. Who knows! Either way I feel we are still making great progress. He really acts and functions better on his rounds which tell me he is still benefiting from them.
AND he’s still wearing underwear daily!

For more information on primitive reflexes and Brain Balance/Brain Gym:
The Well Balanced Child


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