What’s in a label?

As most parents on this journey know, navigating mainstream practitioners can be a nightmare. We have been sent from one specialist to another and not many answers actually come from this. We are told my son could have A or B or C diagnosis. He might benefit from this therapy or that therapy. We are told we shouldn’t home school him because the experts know what is best. We are told to read books about Asperger’s and how to feed picky children.

As if I haven’t read everything I could get my hands on already?

We are told many things, but after careful consideration and watching my happy son thrive in his current environment, I realize that they do not live with my son. They do not live in his shoes every day. It’s so easy to sit at a desk and say “you should do this with your child” but some of these people do not have children at all. And they certainly don’t have a child like mine.

I have learned to trust my parenting instincts to guide me to what is right for him.

I don’t think all of us are square pegs that fit into square holes. We are all unique for many reasons. The world would be very dull and uncreative if we were all the same.

I think its imperative that we focus on who are children are, and what they excel at.

Rather than labels. Sure we may need labels to get therapy or insurance coverage and it does help to define what it is we might be dealing with.

Children on the spectrum usually need modified environments in order to thrive and develop into productive adults. Some of them just can’t do this in a traditional school, or day care. Some do this very well home schooled or in a special school.

What is most important is not letting a label limit your thinking of what your child can do.  Or letting “experts” box your child into a list of things they can’t do. This is not productive and often unnecessary.

It’s through support, love, encouragement and the creative thinking on parents parts that ASD kids thrive.

Labels are just a means of what to call a collection of things. They don’t tell us who we really are or who we will become. They don’t have to define you.


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