We have just finished round 107.


  • less tactile defensive on round

We did a setbacks that postponed chelation because thought he had been having absent seizures.  These are the symptoms I saw:

  • Episode of a limb shaking
  • Glazed over eyes for 10 seconds blank face, not responding to name
  • Child reports eyes going blurry for a few seconds and he can’t hear anyone when it happened.
  • He felt like his mind “turned off” during these spells

I made an appointment with the doctor to talk about testing to rule out seizures. He’s never had an unusual symptoms like that in the past and I knew that seizures are common in ASD. They can start up at anytime. I’ve also read about mercury sitting in the GABA receptors leading to seizure disorders. Certainly there are other causes for the condition too.

What we did:

  • Starting using GABA and taurine as a precaution in case it was seizure related while we waited for testing.
  • Added inositol for anxiety and hyperness (something that came from taking a chelation break with these odd symptoms going on)

Within two doses of inositol he was calm, anxiety was gone.  We spent a month on GABA while waiting for the EEG testing. I was not sure it was seizures to begin with so this was precautionary at best. He didn’t have any more odd symptoms for several weeks so I thought the GABA was doing the trick. However we did again see some symptoms of arm shaking.

In hindsight his doses of GABA were too low to help a seizure disorder so this likely did nothing at all but it also wasn’t harmful to try either.

Over all the process of ruling out seizures led to three EEG tests in all.

The first one hour EEG report stated that there were two spikes that were unusual but probably nothing. So we had a second 24 hour EEG and a third 48 hour EEG which were completely normal. Therefore seizures were ruled out.

We continued to chelate and these early odd symptoms were later attributed to something entirely different that is not related to ASD or mercury.

If you suspect seizures or absent seizures get it checked out.

If your child has seizures there are special precautions that need to be in place prior to chelating.