Round 113 done

We just completed round 113 last night and this morning I woke up to find my son in his room cleaning and organizing. He said he had put away all his trucks and now he was working on his Legos.What! Who is this child?

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He showed me how he had taken his Lego sorter and put all his men and their gear in one organizer, and that he has other pieces in the other organizer. I couldn’t believe it.

This is a kid who normally has anxiety when asked to “clean his room”. He is not able to figure out what to do first, second, then third. Normally, we have to manage this executive planning. We would say that first we pick up all the cars. When that’s done he comes and asks “now what?” and we tell him to pick up another category of items. This continues until his room is clean. Generally, cleaning a room or putting things away requires some assistance in planning what to do from someone else.

Not today.

We consider this a gain. This is huge for him to able to categorize or organize his things.

We had finally been able to repaint my son’s room which was still decorated in his infant nursery scheme. He got a big boy loft bed and we used zero VOC paint. He chose his favorite character decals for the walls. He was excited to be rid of the baby blue walls and moons and stars that were put there before his birth.

We took a small trip which we could have never done in the past. He really did well. He did not take any of his supplements on day two and three and I worried there would be repercussions for this. Usually in behavior. But he seems just fine and we did not see any side effects of him not taking his vitamins. He even ate a few foods he normally does not have, and we did not see the usual side effects.

On our trip when he entered the museum he looked up at the entry foyer of 4 stories and said “wow, this is magnificent!” And I was thinking to myself, “yes, you are magnificent!”

Look how far you have come? In three years, from a withdrawn, naked, fearful, hyperactive child to a healthy inquisitive little boy who can take a short trip with his family.


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