We’ve done round 116 with no side effects to report but a great story to tell!  I was putting laundry in my son’s dresser while dad was reading his bed time story. I had my arms really full and things were dropping while I was trying to open the drawer.

My son says “Dad, you need to help mom, her arms are full.  You need to take some of the clothes and put them in the drawer”.

Dad give him a puzzled look.

He tells dad again “mom needs help, can’t you see? She’s dropping clothes and needs help getting them into the drawer”

Dad walks over and stands there while I’m juggling a pile of clothing and trying to open the drawer and says “what? Mom’s got it, she’s fine”.

My son says “no dad, you have to take some of the clothes from her so she doesn’t drop them all.  Geez dad can’t you see she needs help?”


  • My Aspie recognized that someone needed help. This was not something he did in the past.