After having done so many rounds we still have some residual issues to address. We’ve gotten this year’s hair test back and he’s dumping tons of cadmium. But a major issue we’ve had consecutively for the past 3 or 4 years is a sensory integration issues.

He has many symptoms of sensory that involve selected clothing choices, food choices, avoiding odors, noises, and tactile defensiveness to certain items. He avoids paper, wood, pencils, napkins, toilet paper, tissues, and some kinds of foam or felt. There are probably a few other things I’ve forgotten.

As you can image our lives and his are modified by these sensitivities, sometimes greatly. Where he won’t wear socks in the middle of winter. Where he can’t use paper to do his school work. He manages quite well for a little person whose world is full of sensory assaults, but I’d like for him to be more comfortable.

In the past we had attempted antivirals and usually had to abandon them due the side effects they created. We attempted the high dose Vitamin A protocol a few months ago, and we never made it above 25,000 IU of Vitamin A per day.  That wasn’t really “high dose” but it did create irritability, moodiness, defiance and a really difficult kid. That means it was doing something but I need to reformulate my approach.

We tried to stick that out because it should go away, but after 2 1/2 weeks of a completely unmanageable child and no improvements, I went back to his normal daily dose of Vitamin A. We continued to do our rounds while I regrouped for antivirals.

I know he has a viral problem because he’s very normal acting when he has a fever. That was further confirmed with his response to antivirals.

New Plan:

  • Olive leaf extract
  • Enzyme Defense (Virastop)
  • Transfer Factor
  • Elderberry syrup.

The first two weeks or so he was irritable, and tired and a handful to deal with. But it began to subside, and then we began to slowly increase his doses. Now at 2 caps of OLE and 2 Enzyme Defense per day we found him using paper the other day. He said his sensory wasn’t gone but it felt different.

I am trying not to get too excited just yet over this tiny change, but its hard when you’ve tried so many other things without complete resolution. It’s easy to fit in when you’re 3 and hopping around but it’s very obvious at his age when he’s in a group of peers.

I plan to continue to raise the antivirals using 3 capsules per day and hold for 3 months.  I may change antivirals at that point. We do have to treat for Candida while on the antiviral, but he’s done very well and the yeast has been very minimal. Initially it kicked up and he began asking for donuts (that’s our clue) so I put him back on a sprinkle of GSE a day.  Problem solved. I’m just thrilled that he took a sheet of paper and was writing on it without making him use it!

This is stark improvement from our first attempt at antivirals which was obviously too soon.  He was just terribly miserable back then I stopped just 3 days into it.  Sometimes you need enough metals out for the immune system to work and help in the process of controlling viral issues.