Antivirals and other thoughts

We have slowly worked our way up with the antiviral doses so that we are now at 4 capsules of Virastop and three capsules of Olive Leaf per day. In addition we also provide immune support as vitamin A, D, zinc, Immune Punch, and Transfer Factor.

English: Olive tree leaves, front and back sid...

English: Olive tree leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each time we raise we add one capsules of either Virastop or Olive Leaf and wait to see what happens. Generally what we are seeing is that he becomes irritable, defiant and moody for a day or so when the dose has been raised. This passes within 24-36 hours.

What I don’t see are any gains at this point. I thought we had seen something when we first started but it’s gone or it was simply a coincidence. We are hoping something may change for him in regards to his sensory symptoms.

Initially he had made small improvements with chelation but we don’t see much change in sensory symptoms lately with chelation. We have completed 121 rounds and his last hair test in April revealed he was dumping a very high level of cadmium.

I know he isn’t done with chelation because he feels better on it and his behavior and energy levels are usually better. He also still experiences irritability post round. Am I convinced the metals are causing his sensory dysfunction? Well, I don’t really know at this point. Originally I had thought so for the first few years after having read studies and research linking aluminum and Lead to tactile defensiveness and sensory disturbances. As I see those levels declining on the hair test, this leaves the questions of what exactly is behind his significant sensory issues?

I hate to put all my eggs in any one basket but it seems that anti-virals are one of the final things we hadn’t done, so we are now. It will help prevent any future immune dysfunction if we do address viruses and bacteria anyway. I don’t know if it will reduce or cure his sensory symptoms.

We have been on a long road that is financially and emotionally draining and it has been worth it. We have so much farther to go. I will probably faint the day I get a normal hair test for him.

I remember five years ago when he was 3 1/2 years old and I had gotten his first hair test. I still recall that terrible feeling of panic and that huge pit that developed in my stomach. I haven’t been able to fully exhale since. I recall frantically posting the results on the forum for interpretation and Dr. Cutler telling me, “Just chelate him for 3 years to remove all those metals”. I had hope.

I did chelate for three years but we were not able to get 52 rounds per year. We are still chelating and it’s still helping him. But every week when it comes time to mix up the chelators for his round, I am reminded that this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I can’t just quit or give up. You don’t quit your children.

So tonight I will spend my evening playing with chelator powder dividing up doses and preparing myself not to sleep through the night for a few days again. Why? Because it makes my son feel better. I know my son will get better because he has already come so far. I can’t image how he would have been if I had not listened to Dr. Cutler and if I had continued to vaccinate, not reduced his metal exposure, and not chelated.

When my son is in a room of children with Autism or Asperger’s it becomes very obvious that he is functioning far above them. You can tell which children have had biomedical intervention and which have not. He shines in speech/social skills class because he understands concepts and social rules better than his Asperger peers. If you saw him on a playground, you would never know he had autism. If you talk to him for 20 minutes you may find his conversations are somewhat one-sided or that he goes on about his favorite things too long, but his differences are subtle. I attribute this to removing his metals because we have done little else.

My son never had ABA therapy or any of the other well-known Autism therapies. (RDI, HBOT, DAN doc, GF/CF, MB12 etc)

It’s very important parents know that this journey  requires perseverance. Determination and a lot of patience. You have to focus on the big picture and long-term.


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