We are on round 123 which are going well so far. He usually feels pretty good on his rounds, but lately we haven’t seen much for gains. Yesterday he came running outside with a bag of crackers and he was very excited. Normally he stresses out and has to ask us to get his crackers out for him. He reacts badly to the bag, because it’s made of paper. But today he was delightfully carrying his bag of crackers. “Look mom! I can touch it and it doesn’t bug me” he says beaming a giant smile. “I know it will probably go back to bothering me tomorrow, but isn’t it great!”

It is great. Even if it may not last.

While we have not seen anything further on the antivirals, they are causing mild yeast so there must be some viral condition we are addressing. We plan to continue these for a while longer. Some days it seems almost like things are normal around here, the kids in the pool. I’m under the sunshade watching them swim. A nice breeze blowing and the sun shining.

Some days like that almost seem normal. Until I hear my son shouting about something or other that makes no sense to him. Hey, you’re cheating, as if one could cheat at pool volleyball just by being taller than he is.  But eh…I’ll take it!