My blog has been rather quiet the past few months as I’ve been busy with the daily rat race of raising children, living in biomed land and trying to find two minutes to update my blog.

We are on a better path now and finally moving towards more positive things. It took me a while to figure out what we should do to next with 127 rounds under our belt. We have already ventured down the anti-viral road and we did not get any gains. I’ve tried just about everything to address his significant tactile defensiveness and sensory symptoms. And nothing has helped. We did see tiny gains in this with chelation rounds but the gains never stick. Once the round was over, his symptoms come back. We decided that it was time to see a homeopath to see what if anything could help these residual symptoms.

Since taking his remedy in September this is what has happened:

1. Reduce tactile defensiveness-using paper, pencils, allowing touch, wearing jeans. Wearing socks without an argument.
2. Tolerating having his hair touched, being hugged.
3. Wanting to join boy scouts.

We are settling into the new routine of going to public school. We really feared that returning him to school might not be a good idea but so far it is going very well. He has made some friends in his class. He’s taking the bus to school WILLINGLY.

This child who could not use paper and pencils a month ago is using them daily in school without complaint or recoil reaction. We began to notice subtle changes in his tactile shortly after his remedy was given. He grabbed a straw while we were out and opened it. Normally, he would refuse to touch it and shriek back when it was handed to him. But without thought, he picked it up and opened it and used it, just like I would.

Over the next few days I began to notice that he wasn’t flipping out when I touched his head or pushed his hair back off his eyes. He’s been recoiling from touch since he was probably 2 years old. It may have been earlier. But now I can touch his hair a little when I hug him. Sometimes he still doesn’t want to be hugged, but he’s a 9 year old boy. Most of them don’t!

He finally got his first pair of jeans in years. He hasn’t worn them since he was 2 years old and even then he’d take them off. He has refused to wear anything but track pants, stating that cargo’s and jeans were “rumpley” and “felt bad”. Now he has 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of cargo’s that he likes to wear.

My son began expressing an interest in joining Boy Scouts after his remedy was taken. He’s attended two Scouting functions and participated and had fun. We thought about joining last year but at that time we didn’t think he could do it. And he verbally refused. Now, he’s ready and he’s looking forward to some of the upcoming outings.

I think our hugest thing is the paper. He was so tactile defensive to paper, pencils, wood, cardboard for so long it impaired most every aspect of daily life…and that’s finally improving. It’s too soon to tell if these gains will stick because sometimes they don’t even with homeopathy.