I was going through some of my old blog entries when I came across my entry about Irlen’s Syndrome. The visual disorder where text appears with shadows blurs on the page or moves and distorts.

I almost forgot my son had this condition 2 years ago….because it’s gone. We were told in kindergarten that he had Irlen’s Syndrome. We used to have those tinted over lays for his reading but we noticed with chelation that he no longer wanted to use them. He stopped reversing letters when writing. Then when we began vision therapy and it disappeared completely.

I’ve often wondered how many people/children with Irlen’s really have an ocular motor delay or mercury poisoning instead.

In any case it’s one of his symptoms that hung around for a while and gradually slipped away in a matter of months.

I came across another entry talking about holidays and the struggles we used to have. I think this past year has been our first year in his young life that we have had mostly normal holiday experiences. Not entirely perfect but then again who has entirely perfect holidays besides Hallmark?


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