Closing the year

I have not seen my son seek out jumping or hopping in quite a while. He may be a bit springy on his feet when he’s really excited about something. But he has not asked me to replace his hopping ball or his trampoline. These used to be essential items in our house that he lived on just 6 months ago.

I had never seen much reduction in these behaviors with chelation but subsequent to his first remedy they began to reduce. And without realizing it, they seemed to have just slipped away. He’s still using paper at school.

A few weeks ago he told me he needed a haircut, because his ears weren’t working that well again. This means he really needs to do a round. We did a round and while on the round he reported improved hearing again. I have noticed a clear correlation with his auditory processing and chelation over the years. Even with myself. If it’s been too long without a round I start noticing that I hear words wrong. I confuse them easily or they sound like something else other than what was really said.

Due to some other health condition not related to autism we have not been doing rounds as frequently as I’d like too, but we still squeeze them in when we can. We stopped his second remedy because it did not produce any changes. We saw a week long aggravation followed by nothing.

We are on our third and hopefully last remedy. Mainly looking to improve his sleep/wake cycle, flexibility and dietary restrictions. Chelation has helped all of these in some ways but they are still problematic. So at this point we are trying various things to try to help those. His early morning waking come and go and does improve with Rhodiola or adrenal cortex.

However, the adrenal cortex seems to be making him unable to sleep we are not using it. If I keep him on Rhodiola for a few weeks he sleeps well, but he’s also hard to wake up for school. Unfortunately school begins really early in comparison to his normal natural waking time of 8am. He needs to be up by 7am. So I use the Rhodiola off and on. It helps with mood as well.

I noticed that he was sensitive to napkins again. This had improved with the first remedy but the gain didn’t stay. I will be watching carefully to see if this improves once again and what causes it to improve.


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