We began working with a homeopath that claims to use classical homeopathy.   Our goal was to improve the sensory symptoms that are not really resolving by other means.  We have seen some improvements but also some aggravations.

  • I have not seen my son seek out jumping or hopping in quite a while. He may be a bit springy on his feet when he’s really excited about something. But he has not asked me to replace his hopping ball or his trampoline.
  • I had never seen much reduction in these behaviors with chelation but subsequent to his first remedy they began to reduce. And without realizing it, they seemed to have just slipped away. He’s still using paper at school.
  • A few weeks ago he told me he needed a haircut, because his ears weren’t working that well again. This means we need to get back to chelation. We did and his hearing improved.
  • Sensitivity to napkins reduced with first remedy but the gain did not stick.
  • Remedies were causing a lot of irritability.

We stopped his second remedy because it did not produce any changes. We saw a week long aggravation followed by no gains.

We are on our third and hopefully last remedy.

So far I am not really impressed because we seem to have a lot of aggravations in this process and it seems to be setting us back.

We were hoping to see improvements with his sleep/wake cycle, his self limiting diet and his sensory.

*Update: I later learned this homeopathy was not actually using classical remedies on my child and we discontinued due to the aggravations. It is my understanding that a properly prescribed remedy should not lead to so much misery.